The BRAD BLOG : 'Teens Will Save Us' Says Teacher After Florida Massacre and Fascinating '1984' Experiment: 'BradCast' 2/22/2018

Guest: Teacher, writer Dina Leygerman; Also: New Mueller indictments; GOP EAC Chair pushed out; MO's new GOP Guv indicted in sex scandal... On today's BradCast: Yes, the kids are alright. And, if this past week has been any indication --- along with the results of a fascinating social experiment by my guest today --- they may well save us all. I hope they hurry. [Audio link to today's show follows below.] First up, however, a boatload of news broke shortly before air today, and we scramble to

I Refuse To Teach My Daughter That "Big Is Beautiful"

When I was a little girl, my dad would yell at me for grabbing extra snacks or cookies. He thought he was being a good parent by preventing me from becoming overweight, like he was. He battled with his weight his entire life, and, understandably, he wanted to alleviate that struggle for his daughter. Unfortunately, all he taught me was that my weight is what defines me. I know the "Big is Beautiful" campaign is about body empowerment, but I won't teach my daughter that "Big is Beautiful." In fac

Parents *Must* Teach Their Children To Tattle & Here's Why

"Mama!" my daughter screamed, running towards me in tears. My stomach instantly sank. I knelt down to catch her in my arms and asked, "What happened, baby?" I was eager to understand her distress. "Mama!" she wailed again, and, again, my heart hurt. "Mama, Matthew took the puzzle and threw it all over the place, and then told me I couldn't play with it," she finally sobbed. Quickly, my composure changed from concerned to annoyed. "Stop, tattling. It's not nice," I coolly responded. "Tell him tha

The Devastating Way Schools Are Discriminating Against Working Moms

Last week, I was faced with the frustrating reality of being a parent who works full-time outside of the house. Once again, I was reminded that even schools discriminate against working moms. I felt inadequate, guilty, and exasperated over having to choose my children over my job. A choice, by the way, that does not come easy to many moms. You see, every winter our daycare puts on a winter recital. My son, and my daughter when she was that age, rehearses for months. Poems are sent home for pract

What You're Really Telling Your Daughter When You Call Her A "Tomboy"

The term "tomboy" was coined back in the sixteenth century to describe "rude and boisterous" boys. Eventually, the term evolved into a description for girls who are not stereotypically 'girly' and whose interests and hobbies are considered more typical of boys than of girls. But in today's world, where gender fluidity is increasingly more accepted and recognized, and where girl power is gaining new heights, it's definitely time to admit "tomboy" is problematic and to let it go. As a child I cli

What Do We Do When Our Reach Ends?

We protect our children before they are even born. We eat right. We watch our weight: can’t gain too much, bad for the baby. We take vitamins: good for the baby. We get monthly, and then weekly, checkups. We get ultrasounds. We listen to the heartbeat. We count kicks. We sleep on our sides, not on our backs. We are mindful of medicines we take, watchful of their interactions with the placenta. We stay away from raw, unpasteurized, and the possibly undercooked. We choose unmedicated births, or mi
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